Rural Ireland’s Mobile Phone Coverage Is Rapidly Deteriorating

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has requested the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) to ensure that all mobile phone providers are adhering to their obligations under the Universal Service Provider (USP) agreements. Deputy McGrath made the request following a surge in complaints to his office regarding the deterioration of mobile phone coverage in many areas of rural Ireland:

“As I understand it all of the main mobile phone networks providers are obliged to ensure that the service they offer to their customers, in terms of reliable coverage is maintained.

As things stand however there has been a dramatic and noticeable drop in mobile coverage in many parts of rural Ireland.

I myself have experienced the severe frustration that occurs when you are trying to have a conversation with a constituent on an important or delicate matter only for the signal to consistently drop.  

This is not only totally unacceptable but it is also extremely dangerous in terms of not being able to rely on your mobile phone to call for an ambulance or fire brigade or mountain rescue, the list goes on.

There are definite requirements in the USP’s which deal specifically with functional access and quality coverage for the whole Country; these must be enforced,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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