Puss In Boots At The Nenagh Arts Centre

Cats are cunning, sly and clever.

They land on their feet, whatever the weather.

This moggy is special and saves his master from starvation, defeat and total disaster.

He tricks the Palace, the court and the King, and dresses his master in fine silk and bling.

He’s a fabulous feline, devoid of all flaws, even catching an ogre in his clever cat’s claws!

Puss In Boots At The Nenagh Arts Centre

Puss In Boots At The Nenagh Arts Centre

Lyngo Theatre is bringing out their next fabulous fable, Puss in Boots. It does full justice to the adventure and depth of the original story. It’s not behind you, oh no it isn’t. Our magical story is all right in front of you and is a perfect 50 minutes. We have developed a stand-alone sloping mini-stage that allows us to surprise and delight the audience with drawers, trap-doors, puppets and shadow-play.

LYNGO is a UK based children’s theatre company with strong Italian connections. Our shows have delighted children and adults for over 10 years with their unique mix of fun and beautiful imagery, working magically together to reveal the vivid poetic realm that is at the heart of our work.

A treat for all kids aged 3 to 6 years.

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