Nenagh Holds March Against Water Taxes

Cllr Séamie Morris of Sinn Féin addressed an estimated 400 people who took part in a march against water taxes in Nenagh on Saturday. There was symbolic burning of bills, and a protest outside the office of Minister Alan Kelly. Below is the text of the speech as delivered.

“It is our patriotic duty to smash Irish Water” – Full text of speech to the rally, with photographs.

Nenagh Holds March Against Water Taxes

March in Nenagh against water taxes

Today 34 years ago Volunteer Thomas McElwee died on hunger strike aged just 23 years of age. Thomas and his 9 other young Republican heroes died rather than let the British and Irish establishment criminalise their cause. They were men of principle and died for their cause. Out of their struggle grew a renewed campaign to take on the establishment and that led to the amazing political struggle which saw young Republicans politicising themselves which in turn has seen the massive electoral successes in the 6 counties which saw the pro-establishment nationalist party the SDLP, so loved by FF, FG and Labour, wiped out by the electorate.

That struggle 34 years ago has direct links to the anti establishment Right2water campaign now by left wing parties joined by unions that refuse to sit on the fence. (Mandate, CWU, UNIONS, OPASTI, CPSU) because then like now the state backed by the media tried to culture defeatism amongst people by trying to criminalise anti-water tax activists, heavy handed Garda reaction to peaceful protesters who daily go out and stop the metering programme. I want to thank you all for refusing to break under intense pressure from the protectors of this corrupt broken state.

Lets see what they are defending! This Government promised change yet instead of using their huge mandate from the people chose to protect the elite. At the back of Dáil Éireann there is a giant lobbying machine in the shape of a huge merry go round. This merry go round only allows corrupt bankers, property speculators, ex-politicians on huge pensions, retired county managers, consultants fattened by Poolbeg and Irish Water contracts and of course the government advisors. The merry go round is operated by senior civil servants (the permanent government) who decides who gets on the merry go round. But this very expensive gold plated merry go round is paid for by the ordinary taxpayers of the state who will never get a go. We have to smash that merry go round piece by piece and you can do that with your vote in a peaceful revolution.

Now lets finish with a few facts about Uisce Éireann the latest super-quango paid for by you and I. Last year the Government extracted 470 million in Local Property Tax. 439 million of that went into Irish Water. The water metering programme cost 540 million, 86 million was paid to consultants, Irish Water is to get a further 700 million this year and next year, Ervia’s chief executive is on 334,000 a year, John Tierney 248,000, senior management 1.7 million. The cost to us here in Tipperary has been the closure of our town councils, and council area offices; a real slashing of money for roads housing and growing homelessness, particularly family homelessness; closure of social welfare offices, garda stations (while Tipperary is under siege from criminal activity), and post offices.  No money even for grass cutting.

We are winning by the way. One of the economic refugees encamped in Malta Denis O’Brien is going around the country (a country that he is claiming he doesn’t live in) threatening to sue everyone because he got caught with his hands in the till yet again. SUE ME, DENIS!

Keep up the pressure it is our patriotic duty to smash Irish Water and the state controlled merry go round that serves only the elite. Get out and smash FF, FG, RENUA, LOWRY AND THE TRAITORS to socialism: Labour and its snake-oil salesman, Alan Kelly.

Power to the people!

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