44 Seville Place performed at Nenagh Arts Centre

As the 1960s begin, so does this wonderful, funny, warm and poignant portrait of a Dublin working-class family. The story draws us into their lives and relationships in an unforgettable way. Through the journey of young Peter, it shows us an individual and a society on the cusp of profound change.

44 Seville Place performed at Nenagh Arts Centre

Pat Sheridan

‘I loved going on messages up town. I loved discovering places and finding short cuts. I loved the oul wans and the oul fellas. I loved the statues and the buildings and the shops. I loved Dublin. I loved everything about Dublin. I wouldn’t let anyone say a bad word about Dublin, especially country people. If Dublin was a woman, I’d marry her…….’

Peter Sheridan grew up in a family of seven, not far from the river Liffey on Dublin’s north docks.  44 Seville Place is his account of that fabulous and heart-breaking childhood. On its publication, 44 became an instant classic. It featured on RTE’s Book of the Week and was nominated for an Irish Times Literary Award.

‘Dublin has rarely come to life as it does in Peter Sheridan’s memoir…….his prose is as rich as his characters, ordinary and fabulous, tragic and hilarious.’  Neil Jordan

As part of Dromineer Festival

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