ALONE Express Disappointment Over Fair Deal Scheme

ALONE, the charity that provides services for older people in need, has today expressed disappointment at the scope of the Government’s Fair Deal Scheme review.


CEO of ALONE, Sean Moynihan said, “While we welcome the review and the fact that it introduced no increases for older people, we are disappointed that after three years there are no specific targets.  While the government have made a commitment to investigate further options of home supports and supportive housing, there are no measurable targets or concrete plans.”


“35% of older people currently in nursing home care could be given the choice to live independently if they had the proper supports. Implementing a home care system would actually save up to 20% of the budget.  In light of our ageing population we need immediate action not further reviews.  Since the Fair Deal Review began in 2012, approximately 4,000 additional older people need long term care in this country.  We cannot afford to wait another 18 months for action.”


Moynihan continued, “Nursing homes are not a cost effective or suitable way to care for older people who don’t need to be there, yet there has been a 44% increase in the number of people with low support needs entering nursing homes.  We don’t dispute that nursing homes play an important role but they should never be seen as the only option.”


Moynihan concluded, “Investment into community care and supports would help to ease the burden on families and help older people to age at home. We saw the Fair Deal Review as an opportunity for progress but its disappointingly light on detail and specifics.”


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