Receiver’s night raid caused terror for family and community – McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that drastic and immediate action needs to be taken which clearly defines and limits the behaviour of receivers who attempt to secure assets from those in debt. Deputy McGrath was speaking after he was involved, in a mediating capacity, for several hours in a tense and highly charged confrontation between a receiver appointed to recoup assets from a Kildare farmer, Mr Paul O’Shea and a number of Mr O’Shea’s supporters including his wife:
“I have never heard of such a level of outright intimidation by a receiver, who arrived at the farm at about 2am this morning with Alsatian dogs and up to fifty staff some who were dressed in balaclavas, ten large trucks, and jeep’s, industrial loaders, tower lights, a mini bus and three Garda vehicles.
Mr O’Shea was not present and so his wife attempted to address the situation. Unbelievably however, when she asked the Garda Superintendent at the scene to produce a court order, he had none to produce.
There then followed a scene in which Mrs O’Shea, who was in clear distress asked the Gardaí for assistance but they refused point blank.
It is the kind of behaviour that is not only going to terrify families right across the Country who may find themselves in a similar situation, but it also sets a sinister and disturbing precedent in terms of an escalation of intimidation tactics by receivers.
I did everything in my power to calm and scale back the ordeal being inflicted on Mrs O’Shea but there was marked reluctance to engage on the receiver’s part and indeed by Garda (Name Redacted) who was at the scene and refused to speak with me on the phone at 3:40am.
I have spoken directly to the Minister for Justice about this incident and the Gardaí present at the scene given the seriousness of the issues it raises and I am awaiting a response.
We simply cannot allow this kind of thuggish night raid behaviour to go on.
It is clearly designed to bring about the maximum amount of distress on the family as well as the minimum capacity to resist given the hours they are being carried out at.
Everything about this incident indicates a further slide into ruthlessness on the part of those charged with collecting debt.
Such behaviour must be clearly regulated and defined. At a bare minimum it must be carried out within normal working hours not in the dead of night when families are sleeping and have no opportunity to present a challenge or a defence to the brutal actions being taken,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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