Jackie Cahill – More Garda resources needed now to protect the most vulnerable in our society

Councillor Jackie Cahill is demanding immediate and meaningful action from the Government in the fight against the increasing levels of theft, vandalism and attacks on homes and businesses in Tipperary. Cahill, a prospective candidate in the upcoming Fianna Fail selection convention ahead of a general election, issued a statement on an issue that is reaching crisis proportions and is a genuine concern for all families in county Tipperary.

“The safety of people in their homes and work places is a basic and sacred right of every person in this state and it is the role of legislators to ensure that this is happening. Unfortunately, for many in our own county and indeed throughout the rest of the country, this is not the case. In this regard those living on their own and living in isolated areas are most at risk with the elderly in particular being the focus of many attacks.

In many cases, elderly parents have reared and educated their families in tough times and now see their children move to larger urban areas, or indeed emigrate abroad in search of work. Without the support of their loved ones, many of these senior citizens are now living on their own and in constant fear. In some cases they reluctantly leave their homes and move in with other family members or into private or community nursing homes because of the constant fear that they are experiencing.

Leaving their own homes, for which they have worked for all their life is the last resort. But for many this is sadly the case. These unoccupied houses then become the target for attacks and robbery and this is a vicious cycle that must be addressed now.”

A different approach is needed and Jackie Cahill is demanding that more Gardai be deployed in the Tipperary division and that more community Gardai be employed in all areas of the county. “We must get to a situation where there is an acceptable and visual Garda presence on the ground in all areas of our community, both urban and rural, in order that people can live in peace and without fear.”

According to garda.ie the soon to be realised recruitment of 300 new Gardai will bring the total number of active Gardai to 13,075. However, the fact remains that the net decrease since 2011 has been 819 and this is not acceptable. This decrease must be reversed and Cahill is demanding that the Government act now and bring forward the next recruitment phase of new Gardai in order to equip an Garda Siochana with the necessary resources to combat the ever-increasing rate of crime and ease the fears of the most vulnerable people in our society.

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