“We’re all goin’ mad over water” new song by Boris O Kane

We're all goin mad over water   Boris o' KaneTipperary Song Writer Boris O’ Kane , the singer who had a summer hit with “Tipp are back again” has released “We’re all goin mad over water”. The song writer who happens to be a water diviner said ” will we ever hear the end of it, my poor aged mother is worried about the cost of filling her hot water bottle”.

We’re all goin’ mad over water –  Boris o’ Kane

When Enda and Joan’s coalition was born
they promised years of endless reform
instead we are in a political storm
and we’re all goin’ mad over water

Before he went off to his big job in Brussels
big Philly Hogan was flexin’  his muscles
and now Alan Kelly is in a right tussle
and we’re all goin’ mad over water

The plain people of ireland they will not rest
they will continue their lengthy protest
in the North and the South and the East and the West
we’re all goin’ mad over water

PPS numbers and meters and fines
stoking the flames and playin’ with our minds
it looks like the blind are leadin’ the blind
they’re drivin’ us mad over water

Good old Joan Burton got out of the blocks
ahead of Enda she announced the costs
and left Alan Kelly in a battle that’s lost
we’re all annoyed over the water

So when they come knocking for your number one
remind them all of what they have done
mention the water and watch them run
they drove us stone mad over water

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