Catherina McKiernan is bringing Chi Running to Thurles

North Tipperary Sports Partnership is pleased to host a Chi Running Workshop with Irish Olympian Catherina McKiernan, in LIT Tipperary, Thurles on Saturday 27th September 2014.

ChiRunning combines the inner focus and flow of T’ai Chi with the power and energy of running to create a revolutionary new approach to effortless injury free running. It takes all the pounding, pain and potential damage out of the sport of running. Running does not injure you, but the way you run. If you move your body in an incorrect way, it is going to show up in the form of injury sooner or later. The day is all about learning to run efficiently, to reduce impact on the body and to prevent or clear up running related injuries. It is suitable for anyone who wishes to run with an easy efficient relaxed style and with less impact on their body.

ChiRunning is based on postural alignment combined with muscular relaxation. T’ai chi is a martial art which focuses on going with the flow of energy by being relaxed and aligned with it, and we use the same principles in ChiRunning.

McKiernan teaches people to use the power of their core to maintain correct postural alignment. This, combined with leaning to engage the pull of gravity will make your running more effortless and injury-free. Those of you who watch the Kenyan’s or Ethiopians run, will notice that they all have a slight lean, allowing gravity work in their favour.

She also shows people how to avoid lower leg injuries by picking up their heels and keeping their lower legs limp and relaxed instead of pushing themselves forward with every stride.

The beauty of the ChiRunning focuses that you learn is that you can practice them all day long, not just while you’re running. The body learns best by repetition, so the more often you practice the Chi Running focuses, the more quickly your body will learn to move in a new way. You can be practicing good posture and relaxation no matter what you’re doing.

There will be a questions and answers session, with questions relating to training, diet, footwear, breathing technique etc.

The workshop will begin at 10.00am in LIT Tipperary, Thurles and finish at 5pm. A fee of €110 will secure your place. To register, contact Catherina McKiernan by emailing or www.catherinamckiernan.comor log onto for further information.

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