Tipperary’s John Lonergan, author of The Governor is voting for Diarmuid O’Flynn. Here’s why.

“Diarmuid’s stance and campaign over the past number of years represents the views and feelings of thousands and thousands of ordinary Irish people, many of whom are voiceless.
 Diarmuid represents the principles and values of decency, honesty and truthfulness, the principles and values that must form the hub of our democracy into the future. He’s also a warrior, never giving up, fighting on until justice for ordinary citizens is achieved.
john lonerganHe continues to give outstanding leadership backed up with great courage and determination, all the qualities that a person should have to represent Ireland in the European Parliament.
I urge my fellow Tipperary people to vote for Diarmuid, his will be a powerful and authentic voice in Europe.

John Lonergan”

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