‘These elections are a referendum on austerity’ – Delaney

Sinn Féin local election candidate Joan Delaney has called the elections on Friday a referendum on austerity.  The people of Roscrea/Templemore/Thurles have a choice on the 23rd of May. That choice is between parties who imposed cuts to child benefit, medical cards and carers allowance, who have burdened property tax and water charges on already hard-pressed citizens; or you can vote for Sinn Féin.Sinn Féin has campaigned against austerity and has shown that there is an alternative.’


If elected Joan continued that ‘she would not be afraid to stand up and fight for a better deal for the people of Roscrea/Templemore/Thurles. These towns have been left on the margins with unemployment running 10% above the average in Roscrea alone. You only have to look at the state of the roads to see the level of neglect. Jobs, particularly for our young people, fair and equitable social housing policy and access to decent healthcare would be my priorities. I will also fight for reform of the rates system, to assist small local businesses in these towns. These businesses create and sustain employment in our communities and need support at council level’ She continued that ‘the proposed closure of the Council offices in Roscrea and Templemore will marginalise these towns even further, and it is something which I will vigorously oppose if elected.  With the amalgamation of the councils in Tipperary, we need strong local voices to fight for our towns and villages and I want to be that voice.  On May 23rd don’t vote for parties that have failed in the past.  Vote for a party that is offering a clear, credible and radical alternative’

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