Lambo at The Source – Gerry Ryan killed a lamb. Kind of. Maybe.

1987: a story hits the headlines that sends an unsuspecting Irish nation reeling in shock and disgust. A story of brutality and bloodshed, depravity and gross deception. A story of murder.


What starts as a radio slot about survival guides on the Gay Byrne Show quickly descends into a media frenzy. With blood on his hands, Gerry must face Gardaí investigation, political scandal and somehow save his career.


The Irish celebrity is played by Michael Ford- FitzGerald (Further than the Furthest Thing) through his lighting speed, bombastic storytelling the audience will be transported to the wilds of Connemara. With only a red bandana, a dodgy Sylvester Stallone tinged nickname and an SAS survival handbook as company, will we ever find out what happened to that sheep?

Lambo Theatre Fringe Festival

Witness the extraordinary story of the birth of a modern Irish icon. With ‘guest appearances’ from Uncle Gaybo, Tony Gregory, a German farmer’s wife and a very disturbed Guard (to name but a few) LAMBO seeks the truth amid a bizarre web of ‘little white lies’ and wonders if it’s ever really possible to find the reality behind the mask in show-business.


“Hugh Travers’ enjoyable and artful new play for Underscore_Productions takes what might have been a trivial footnote in Irish broadcasting and makes it something meaningful’’ – The Irish Times ****

“Travers’ script is light hearted, without avoiding how this blurring of lines between entertainment and reality has impacted on national broadcasting today. It’s respectful without being reverent’’ – Irish Theatre Magazine ****



The Source Arts Centre Thurles

Thursday 12 June 8pm

€16/14 conc.

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