15,040 young people in Tipperary aged 18-25 eligible to vote in elections

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) has welcomed the news that 4,498 new voters have been added to the supplementary register in Tipperary since February. They will now have the right to vote in the upcoming European and local elections on Friday May 23rd.

Earlier this year NYCI launched Pledge2reg, a nationwide initiative to encourage those under 25 to make sure they are on the electoral register for the upcoming elections. Over the past number of weeks the organisation conducted an extensive voter registration campaign via email, on university campuses and online engaging with thousands of young people. The group has also worked with its member organisation Spunout.ie and the Union of Students in Ireland to run an energetic ‘get out the vote’ drive among young people in recent weeks.

“With a few days left to polling day on May 23rd we will be working hard to encourage not only those young people who have recently registered to vote, but all registered voters among the 15,040 aged 18-25 in County Tipperary who are eligible to turn out and vote in these important European and local elections next Friday,” stated James Doorley, NYCI deputy director and native of Borris O’Kane.

“We are very pleased that so many new voters have registered in the last few weeks, many of them young people. NYCI has campaigned for many years to encourage young people to register to vote, particularly since a 2009 NYCI survey among young people showed that 26% those under 25 years were not registered,” concluded Mr Doorley.


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