Seamus Morris Election Launch

Before a huge crowd last Saturday night in the Hibernian Inn Nenagh Sinn Féincouncillor Seamus Morris thanked his family, election team, supporters and the numerous messages of support he received.

Cllr Morris outlined his council record and the fact that he made 2700 representations on behalf of the public. Seamus continued “Also the battle won to get back over 1.4 million Euros of back pay for small subcontractors on the motorway project.

I also fought to protect Pocán from the arms of greedy developers when zoning imposed on the community the threat of hundreds ofboomtime houses. Pocán, hasn’t any ghost estates because of this fight and my stand and is instead a beautiful village that has been further improved upon with roads and footpaths upgraded far beyond where they were in 2009. A Village where its GAA club can now expand and its community are getting a new Village Park. All this achieved, during  my first term as a Councillor.

 My sport tourism project brought over 800 Canadian and American tourists to the town over the last few years. There is 50,000 committed to an all weather project in Nenagh and  I have given more civic receptions to people who deserve them( our community volunteers) and I am also proud that I served as Town Mayor twice.

I am delighted to join 6 other Sinn Féin candidates in Tipperary who are ready to serve the people of Tipperary as Team Sinn Féin in Tipperary if elected.”

Looking to the future the Cllr Morris said that; “This election is like none before as it sees local democracy being destroyed not for the right reasons but to give unelected officials more power.

Instead of giving power back to the people it closes town councils, closes area offices in Borrisokane , Newport, Roscrea and Templemore and oversees money being squandered on new facilities in Clonmel and Nenagh

Meanwhile, there are bigger pay packets for senior council officials while the councils themselves depend on Slave Labour schemes like the Gateway scheme to clean your streets.

That is what Labour and Fine Gael are all about. Humiliating people back to work for 20 euro’s a week while the elite prosper.

I would ask you to help out no matter how little in my campaign as it is a huge constituency to cover. I will be a strong voice in the new council and will attack cronyism wherever I see it and I will more than anyone else demand accountability from our council officials.

Let’s go from here and ask for support to get a strong Sinn Féin team elected for Tipperary.”


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