German film ‘The Lives of Others’ this Thursday at Nenagh Arts Centre

Screening this Thursday at Nenagh Arts Centre, ‘The Lives of Others’ is set in East Germany during the last gasps of the soviet era. The film tells the story of intelligence officer Gerd Wiesler, who is commissioned to spy on a writer and his actress partner by a corrupt government official.

While working on the case, Wiesler is immersed in the couple’s lives, spying and listening to bugged recordings. As Wiesler becomes bound up in the couple’s story, his politics begin to change, leading him to take some heroic risks in their defence.

Although only a few years old; the film has already been regarded as a masterpiece. The late Irish Times film critic Michael Dwyer described it as “a tightly wound and quietly powerful film; it chillingly captures the atmosphere of fear, suspicion and intimidation in the years before the Berlin Wall came down.”


Tickets are on sale at €8 from or by calling 067 34400. The film screens on this Thursday, April 3rd at 8p.m.

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