Coffee evening for Africa Aware in Cloughjordan

The “Warm Heart of Africa” is an apt name for Malawi.This heart beats
with the amazing resilience of people hit with all sorts of tragedies –
poverty, disease and AIDS – and yet the place remains a place of
laughter. This laughter is everywhere and it comes to you from across
the plains and through the gaps in the mountains and is in the air you
breathe, seeping through all its tragedies.

Established in 1990, the Africa Aware Likulezi Project works to empower
Phalombe area communities to develop their potential in the face of
AfricaAware3poverty and disease. The first group of volunteers recruited to the
project initially provided HIV/ AIDS education to the community and
palliative home care to those dying of AIDS. Since then, the project has
expanded to help provide drinking water wells, agricultural inputs and
orphan sponsorship, with an added focus on developing employment
opportunities. It now works with 130 villages in the Phalombe area.

On Saturday, 22 March at 7.30pm, Sheelagh na Gig bookshop in
Cloughjordan will host The Story of an African AIDS Project. Join Africa
Aware administrator Gemma Brugha as she tells the story of this project
through photos and the music of the many choirs set up as part of the
project. Listen to the story, have a coffee, and enjoy the music.
Profits from the evening will go to Africa Aware, which is a registered
charity in Ireland.
For more information about Africa Aware, visit

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