Government seems intent on shutting Roscrea down – Delaney

Sinn Féin candidate Joan Delaney slams Government.

 A down grading of both Roscrea and Templemore Garda stations has been hinted at over the past number of years. It is now a reality, with Gardaí from Roscrea switched to Nenagh and Gardaí from Templemore switched to Thurles, under the Policing Programme 2013. Roscrea is now part of the Nenagh Garda Division, meaning station opening hours in Roscrea have been reduced, and the station is now closed at 6pm daily. Unfortunately crime in the area has not reduced, to justify this reduction in the policing service.

The people of Roscrea will now have to rely on Nenagh Garda station to provide policing to the town at night. All of this comes shortly after the closure of Roscrea Courthouse which operated in the town for well over 100 years. Roscrea Sinn Féin views this as an unacceptable development demands to have policing services in the town reinstated. Sinn Féin local election candidate Joan Delaney speaking about the current situation had this to say,” I am absolutely appalled that this government would aim its cuts agenda at the people of Roscrea in this manner. It’s as though this government are intent on shutting Roscrea down. The people are very angry at these cuts to their policing service and the reduction of Garda station opening hours. If elected to represent the people of Roscrea and Templemore in May,   I will do everything in my power to have these cuts reversed and a proper policing service put back in its place”.

Also local government reforms are a cut to democracy and services in Roscrea. The old Templemore-Roscrea town council will be abolished and the new Local Electoral Area of Thurles-Templemore-Roscrea will be put in its place. This is not real reform to benefit citizens, but an attack on local democracy that will see political representation for citizens reduced. It seems that “reform” for Roscrea really just means cuts. Roscrea and surrounding areas are now at serious risk of being isolated and marginalised in the north of the county. Proposed closures to Roscrea and Templemore County Council Offices (as part of the amalgamation of the North and South Tipperary County Councils), reinforces this view. People from these areas will now have to travel to Thurles for these council services. Joan Delaney has come out strongly in opposition to the impending closure of these offices and is committed to fighting these cuts and securing the future of the County Council Offices for the use of the people of Roscrea and surrounding areas.


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