Cloughjordan Hosts Voices from Palestine

I was honoured to attend the  V S I hosted Voices from Palestine event in the wonderful Tomás MacDonagh Heritage centre in Cloughjordan last Thursday night. It was an event that drew a large crowd of over 50 enthusiastic attendees listened to 4 Palestinians who had four different tales to tell as there was one from Gaza one from thje West Bank One from Haifa in Israel and one Palestinian that was exiled to Ireland. It was a very light hearted look at the serious issues that Palestinians have had to live with since 1948. It was a very enjoyable night and everyone retired to Graces pub for some live music afterwards .  Cloughjordan proved to be the perfect spot for such an informal night and it was very beneficial for the people that attended  I want to congratulate V S I for organising the night.

palestinain contingent 002Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris 09/02/14

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