Brennan Brothers celebrated in Song by Corrigan Brothers

Corrigan Brothers the Limerick Band who topped charts all over the world with their  international hit “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama”  as well as performing for the President are celebrating Ireland’s hospitality legends “The Brennan Brothers”. Lead Singer Bran Corrigan said “we love John and Francis and think think positive attitude and attention to detail is fantastic , John is the numbers man and Francis is the customer and aestetics guru. Every business needs a pair of Brennan Brothers.

“I Called in the Brennan Brothers”  will be released on February 24th.


Brennan Brothers celebrated in Song by Corrigan Brothers

Sample of the Lyrics:
my small hotel
wasn’t doin’ well
like many of
the others
so I called kenmare
to see if they were there
I called in the Brennan Brothers
John took the books
and had a look
and cut down
my expenses
we trimmed the
menu down a bit
he brought me
to my senses
 Francis touch
was worth so much
he redesigned
the showers
brightened up the walls
carpeted the halls
and introduced
fresh flowers
the two boys went out
put the word about
and had
an open day
brought the locals down
for a look around
and it blew them
all away
if your business is tough
and you’ve had enough
don’t give up like
lots of others
give the boys a shout
it will all work out
if you call
 the Brennan Brothers


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