Morris condemns the closure of the Acute Medical Assessment Unit at the Mid Western Regional Hospital to new G P referrals

I am very concerned at the recent closure of the Mid West Regional Hospitals Acute Medical assessment unit to new G P referrals as a result of recent overcrowding .  It comes in the wake of a the disgraceful decision by this Government to guillotine through flawed legislation to set up the Quango of all Quangos, Irish Water, which is already becoming a nice retirement home for ex County Managers who will have over 1 billion euros at their disposal to waste on report after report while the County Councils are left to run the Water and Sewerage systems under yet to be seen 12 year service level agreements.

It is an indictment  on our Government TDs who promised to protect our 24 Hour Hospital services and instead rolled over and closed much needed 24 hour services and transferred all the services needed for A and E and acute care  to the Limerick Regional Hospital which despite all the  best efforts of the staff there cannot provide the capacity needed for the population of the Mid West . The I M O says that “this broken system has no room for seriously ill people who need it, It beggars belief that the Government is cutting more services at a time when hospitals cannot treat people who have been referred there by their G Ps” The attempt by the H S E to spin its way out of this by blaming a surge proves that they have leaned nothing only the ability to spin as people will always get sicker in cold weather and Ireland does get cold weather every year .

Of course our TD s care not for their pre election promises as they edge closer to their huge pensions buffering them from the pain and anguish as young and old people languish on trolleys for hours on end in disgraceful conditions. But it’s not all bad at least we have a spare 50 million euros in the kitty for consultants for Irish Water . Ireland is being run by the elite for the elite. Wake Up Ireland. Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris 13/01/14

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