MEP Prendergast asks Commissioner Barnier to investigate Irish Water contracts

MEP for Ireland South and Member of the Internal Markets Committee, Phil Prendergast, today asked the European Commission to intervene in the scandal surrounding consulting fees at Irish Water. It was revealed today that four contracts were issued by the semi-state body without being put out to tender.


Ms. Prendergast today referred the issue to the European Commission to ask whether the exemptions utilised by Irish Water to side-step EU public procurement rules were legal.


The current rules are set out in a 2004 Directive on procurement procedures of entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors.


Speaking from Strasbourg, Ms. Prendergast said “The purpose of EU public procurement Directives is to organise tenders for contracts in line with the principles of transparency, open competition and good public administration.


“The company is claiming that they were not required to follow public procurement rules, however, given the size of the sums involved, it would be very unusual for there to be no requirement to put these contracts out to tender.


“Today I wrote to Commissioner Barnier to request information about the legality of the four contracts issued by Irish Water and to ask if the Commission is satisfied that Ireland is fully in compliance with EU rules in relation to the Irish Water consulting scandal.”


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