Commemoration Ceremony in Roscrea

A large crowd gathered in Roscrea on Sunday the 23rd of January, despite the inclement weather, to commemorate four republicans, who were shot in front of a Free State firing squad on the 15th January 1923 .  The four were Frederick Burke, Ileigh, Martin O’Shea, Borrisoleigh, Pat Russell, Thurles, and Patrick McNamara, Ballina. All were sentenced for the possession of arms. Addressing the crowd Joan Delaney, Sinn Féin candidate in next May’s local elections, said ‘that these were brave men who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their ideals It is only natural to speculate as to what these men would think of the Ireland of today,  I’m sure they would be perplexed and angry, as the rest of us are,  at the scandal and the ineptitude and failure of successive government to provide for the people of this

(L-R) ,Liadh Ni Riada, Sinn Fein EU Candidate for Ireland South, David Doran, Joan Delaney, Candidates in 2014 local election for Thurles/Templemore LEA.

country. ‘  Sinn  Féin Cllr, David Doran, Thurles laid one of the wreaths and the Sinn Féin EU South candidate Liadh Ni Riada delivered the main address. The daughter of the iconic Sean ÓRiada said : ‘Now that Christmas is over, the real impact of the recent austerity budget will be felt by the many people in this Country, in particular our most vulnerable.  Another 600 million euros is to be cut from our already crippled health service. We will have to pay for the basic right of drinking water. Our elderly are being marginalized.  Our rural communities are being decimated in every aspect, from farmers to fishermen.  Our youth have no present and no future, our cities have soup kitchens.  Merely existing is not a lifestyle choice.  It is not acceptable. Our people cannot take anymore austerity’.

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