SPEAK UP CAFÉ initiative for individuals affected by domestic abuse and/or sexual violence comes to Nenagh

Domestic abuse and sexual violence is an alarming problem in our country. Services are there to help but are they good enough?

The SPEAK UP CAFÉ initiative is being organised to involve individuals who have been affected by domestic abuse and/or sexual violence to come and tell organisations as to how services can be improved.


The SPEAK UP CAFÉ events are part of a wide range of initiatives undertaken by the Mid West Regional Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women and local agencies during the 16 Days of Action Campaign. The 16 Days of Action Campaign is an international campaign to raise awareness of the reality of domestic abuse and violence and to push for positive change to increase women’s safety.


The SPEAK UP CAFÉ is open to individuals who have experienced domestic abuse and/or sexual violence either currently or in the past. It is open to family members and close friends who may be living with or supporting survivors. It is also aimed at those who may not have accessed a service but could have potentially benefited from doing so.


The SPEAK UP CAFÉ model is built on the assumption that people already have within them the wisdom and expertise to advise organisations as to what’s important when dealing with a crisis or on-going problems related to domestic abuse and /or sexual violence.  The organisers believe that by listening to what the public and service users say is essential if organisations genuinely wish to improve services. The changes will make services more relevant, of a higher quality and which staff are proud to provide.


If you who would like to voice your opinion at one of these events, just drop in to a SPEAK UP CAFÉ in either Limerick, Ennis or Nenagh and you can meet informally with a representative of an organisation and chat with others with similar experiences. Refreshments will be available to help you to Speak Uppa with a Cuppa!


If you cannot attend on the day, you can also phone in with your comments on the Freefone Number 1800 311 511  or complete the on-line survey. For further  details see www.midwestvaw.ie / http://mwracvaw.wix.com/speakup-cafe

OR            Face book Speak Up Café


The events will take place on

26 Nov 2013,       11am – 2pm, at the Greenhills Hotel, Limerick;

28 Nov 2013        11am – 2pm     Temple Gate Hotel, The Square, Ennis;

3 Dec 2013          11am – 2pm     Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh

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