MEP Prendergast calls for investigation into hacking of European Parliament internal servers

MEP for Ireland South, Phil Prendergast, today called on the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz to instigate an investigation into the successful hacking of the European Parliament’s internal servers, which was disclosed officially yesterday, including some email accounts, by an outside, “man-in-the-middle” attacker.


A “man-in-the-middle” attack is defined as a form of eavesdropping in which the attacker intercepts email contacts and can, if he wishes, impersonate a victim in its contacts with another victim.


The source of the attack is not yet known. However the Parliament’s internal Wi-Fi system has been shut down as a consequence and all MEPs have been requested to change their email and computer passwords.


Speaking about the issue, Ms. Prendergast said “The hacking of the internal networks of the European Parliament and, in particular email, correspondence, is a matter of grave concern.


“I have written to the President of the Parliament Martin Schulz calling for a full investigation into the source of the attack, as well as the precise nature of the information obtained as a result.


“I think, in the context of everything that has come to light with the American National Security Agency’s PRISM spying programme, we need to, first of all, establish whether the source of this attack was governmental or civilian.


“If MEPs private emails are being monitored by foreign governments or bodies, this could seriously undermine not only the work of the MEP but also trust between the European Parliament and governments.”

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