French war film ‘Rebellion’ screens at Nenagh Arts Centre on Thursday 5th December

Directed by ‘La Haine’ director Mathieu Kassovitz, the French film ‘Rebellion’ is a true-life, hard-hitting war drama, which screens at Nenagh Arts Centre on Thursday 5th of December.


Rebellion’ is set in a French colony in the South Pacific in the 1980’s where conflict has erupted and rebels are demanding local rule. Expert negotiator Capitaine Legorjus and his team fly to the island to resolve the situation, arriving just as the army prepares to use extreme force to end the stand-off. For Legorjus he finds he has become involved in a morally and politically complicated event that is ultimately beyond his control, but from which he doesn’t believe he can escape.


Director Mathieu Kassovitz also played Legorjus and helped adapt the screenplay from the real -life Captain’s memoirs.

Critic Philip French in Britain’s Observer newspaper, described the film as ‘a stunning return to form’ for the films director, with shades of ‘Apocalypse Now’ thrown into an already combustible real-life story.


The film screens at 8pm on Thursday 5th December. Admission is €8

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