Upcoming Training Programmes with Tipperary North County Enterprise Board

Tipperary North County Enterprise Board have a number of upcoming Business Skills Training Programmes.  Places are offered on a first come first served basis and may be booked on line at www.tnceb.ie/training.htm.


–      Getting Irish Business On Line workshop

–      Bookkeeping using Excel

–      Growing Sales in a Difficult Climate (Sales)

–      Personal Development & Assertiveness

–      Intellectual Property

–      Corporate Health Check

–      BeSmart.ie


Getting Irish Business On Line workshop (Participants must bring a wifi enabled laptop on the day)

The workshop will be of interest to those who wish to set up a new website for their business and takes place as follows:

Date:               Wednesday 30th October

Venue:            TNCEB Training Centre, Connolly Street, Nenagh

Trainer:          Donncha Hughes

Time:              10.00 am—1.00 pm

Fee:                 €25


Bookkeeping using Excel (Participants must bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel)

Date:               Wednesday 6th November

Venue:            TNCEB Training Centre, Connolly Street, Nenagh

Trainer:          Elaine Hyland

Time:              09.30 am—4.30 pm

Fee:                 €30

The objective of this practical workshop is to set up a basic book keeping system using the four main day books on Microsoft Excel along with the following tasks:

  • Enter information onto a spreadsheet
  • Be able to insert and delete rows/columns
  • Insert new worksheets
  • Create simple formula to calculate worksheet data
  • Enter functions
  • Set up and adjust page properties
  • ·         Error checking



Growing Sales in a Difficult Climate (Sales)

Date:               Wednesday 13th November

Venue:            Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre, LIT Campus, Nenagh Road, Thurles

Trainer:          Terry Harmer, NLC Training

Time:              09.30 am—4.30 pm

Fee:                 €20

The Training Aim is to provide participants with practical selling skills & techniques and the workshop will cover:

–           how to create an effective sales plan;

–          prospect effectively;

–          cold call with results;

–          structure an efficient sales call;

–          deal with objections effectively;

–          use influencing & negotiation strategies and tactics;

–          improve their selling skills to increase sales.


This course deals with the two key areas, in selling the Strategy and the People Skills. The first part will show participants how to go about developing a sales process, and management system, (sales funnel) for their business.  Using proven successful models the tutor will demonstrate how to adapt the systems to suit your business.  The next step will teach the communication skills, attitude and behaviors needed at each stage of the process.  Everyone will leave with permanent reference manuals and pocket reminders  which will assist in installing the practices as permanent procedures.  Re-engineering your sales process will be a key outcome of this training for course participants



Personal Development & Assertiveness

Date:               Friday 15th November

Venue:            TNCEB Training Centre, Connolly Street, Nenagh

Trainer:          Organisation & Personal Development Consultancy Ltd

Time:              9.30 am—4.30 pm

Fee:                 €30

This course explores daily interactions and gives participants the additional skills to enhance these interactions.

Course Content:
– Principles of Communication
– Getting messages across easily with the correct tone
– Listening
– Effective questioning
– Interaction by email, on the phone or face to face
– Dealing with criticism and using feedback
– Self awareness
– Self confidence – building a more successful you.



Intellectual Property

Date:               Tuesday 19th November

Venue:            Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre, LIT Campus, Nenagh Road, Thurles

Trainer:          The Patents Office

Time:              2.30 pm—3.30 pm

Fee:                 Free of charge but prior booking is essential

The seminar will cover the different types of Intellectual Property protection available, how to apply for these protections and the associated costs. Patents are concerned with inventions producing a technical result – of new and improved products, processes and uses that are capable of industrial application. Trade Marks are concerned with brand identity – principally of goods and services They can be distinctive words, marks or other features, the purpose of which is to make a distinction in the mind of a customer between different traders, products and services.    Designs are concerned with the appearance of a product – of the whole or a part of a product – features of, in particular, shape, configuration, contours, texture or materials of the product itself not dictated by functional considerations.  Copyright is concerned with original literary works such as novels, poems and plays, musical and artistic works such as musical compositions, sound recordings and TV and radio broadcasts, software, multimedia films, drawings, maps, charts, plans, paintings, photographs and sculptures and works of architecture. Rights related to copyright include those of performing artists in their performances, producers of phonograms in their recordings, and those of broadcasters in their radio and television programs.


Corporate Health Check
Date:               Thursday 28th November
Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre, LIT Campus, Nenagh Road, Thurles
Trainer:             Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement
:                  11.30 am—1.00 pm
Free of charge but prior booking is essential

The seminar will cover the appointment of directors and their obligations, registered office, books and records, books of account, audits, meetings etc.

  • Company Law
  • Directors duties
  • Board of Directors
  • Roles and responsibilities of Boards
  • Breach of duties
  • Registered office
  • Books of Account
  • Board Meetings
  • Audits
  • General Meetings
  • Prohibited Transactions


Wednesday 4th December
Thurles Chamber Enterprise Centre, LIT Campus, Nenagh Road, Thurles
Health & Safety Authority
:                  2.00 pm—4.00 pm
Free of charge but prior booking is essential
Presentation by the Health & Safety Authority on the free, easy to use online resource BeSMART.ie where business owners can develop a Safety Statement and carry out risk assessments specific to their business.

The aim of the ‘Taking Care of Business’ Unit in the Health & Safety Authority is to assist small business in understanding and complying with national health and safety requirements with the key objective to provide:
– Simplified health & safety
– Less paperwork
– Less cost
– Less absenteeism
– Better compliance
– More guidance and support
– Less accidents

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