Tipperary decline in construction applications slows

The latest edition of the National Housing Construction Index compiled and issued by Link2Plans (www.link2plans.com) shows potentially positive indication for the Tipperary construction sector as the decline in planning applications slows. Tipperary reported a fall of just -5% in planning applications compared to -20% last year. However commencements remained the same as last year at a – 21% rate of decline.


The team of researchers at www.link2plans.com have examined every housing construction planning application and planning commencement from January to August 2013, in the production of the National Housing Construction Index. The Index gives a direct comparison with the exact same period in 2012. Viewed on a nationwide basis, the National Housing Construction Index reveals there is a decrease in planning applications (-6%) but project commencements were down even further (-10%) since last year.


The rate of planning applications in Tipperary has decreased by -5% compared to a drop of -20% last year. Planning applications made in Tipperary decreased from 316 in January to August 2012, to 300 in the same period in 2013. Moreover the construction commencement rate fell by -21% (the same as in 2012), from 159 in January to August 2012, to 126 in the same period in 2013. However, because the rate of decline of applications has slowed, the decline in commencements may also slow down as a result later in the year.


Other counties besides Tipperary showing signs of decline in commencements are Waterford, Westmeath and Kerry, which saw a fall in commencements of -49%, -47% and -29% consecutively. Commencement increases were seen in only five counties: Roscommon (51%), Longford (8%), Meath (8%), Dublin (8%) and Wexford (3%).


Offaly, Leitrim and Sligo exhibit the largest application drops with -29%, -31% and -39% respectively. Only six counties show planning application increases: Kildare (12%), Dublin (7%), Carlow (7%), Donegal (4%), Monaghan (4%) and Kerry (2%). However this is up on the same period last year when only two counties saw increases – Donegal and Leitrim. Last year commencements were down by -16% nationally compared to this year with a decline of just -6% nationally.


According to the Managing Director of Link2Plans, Danny O’Shea, the index shows that there is an overall trend of falling planning applications but the rate of decline is less pronounced than last year and this may be a positive contributory factor leading to an increase or at least a further slowdown in the decline of commencements. Tipperary continues to see a steady decline in the number of planning applications made but this decline has levelled out somewhat so it is expected to see a further drop in level of commencements, but a less sharp decline than present.

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