Phil Prendergast MEP supportive of Nessa Childers- urges the Labour Party leadership to restore confidence

Following the resignation of Nessa Childers MEP from the Parliamentary Labour Party to join Labour members in opposition, Phil Prendergast MEP has outlined her support for her colleague.


“At the heart of the Labour Party are the core principles of equality and social justice. While I am sad to see Nessa resign the party whip, I admire her conviction and she remains a close friend and colleague. I do not doubt that her commitment to those same principles of equality and social justice will continue into the future.”


“Like many others I was shocked to read this week that the European Commission has found that the most recent budget was regressive having reduced income proportionately more for the bottom 20% in Ireland as opposed to the top 20%.”This is simply not acceptable.”


“There is something fundamentally wrong with the actions of Labour in government when those with greatest needs are increasingly losing out more than those at the highest level of society.”


“The leadership of the Labour Party needs to recognise this and to take radical and immediate action to restore confidence in the Party among our members and supporters before it is too late.”


“It is unacceptable to me that with personal debts weighting so heavy and with youth unemployment now at 30.8%, the Labour Party in Ireland have almost abandoned those most in need of help.”


“I fully support Nessa on a personal level and believe that she, along with other Labour members in opposition, can now continue striving to implement the Labour policies that have been sacrificed in the recent past.”

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