MEP calls for open Freedom of Information process on IBRC liquidation

Following reports that the ECB has gagged the government from releasing information on the liquidation of the Irish Banking Resolution Corporation, Phil Prendergast MEP has voiced her criticism of the plan.


“The legislation regarding the liquidation of the IBRC was passed late at night with minimal information relayed to the public. The debate for the public played out on social media. The outright rejection of Freedom of Information requests is a step too far.”


“As a member of the European Parliament, I represent the people of Ireland and firmly believe that access to information is a key part of democracy in action. There is no excuse for a gag order like this.”

“A blanket refusal policy would serve only to heighten distrust in government and in the ECB.”


“The ECB should not have the power to make these demands and I am calling on the Department of Finance to ensure that Freedom of Information requests in this matter are dealt in the regular manner without exception.

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