Morris calls on the H S E to Re Open Nenagh and Ennis A and E and ICU before someone dies


The announcement by the H S E on Friday for people not to attend the so called centre of Excellence because of a surge in attendances is a shocking admission that the H S E west policy of centralising services in the Limerick Regional Hospital has failed and needs to be reversed. Today a message went around to Hospital managers looking for  beds in the smaller hospitals to take the slack for the overflow from the 88 “extra “ patients or patients on trolleys shows that the H S E has failed the people of the Mid West along with the Politicians that have supported this madness who this weekend will remain quiet on this disaster. I have at all times said that the decentralisation would fail due to the lack of funding spent to bring the Limerick Regional Hospital up to the standard that was called for in both the Hanly and Teamwork report. Today also sees a 7 day backlog of bloods which has seen the Limerick Regional Hospital management begging for extra staff and equipment from Nenagh Hospital. It is amazing how quiet TDs and Councillors were on Friday and in the past when they made their names on keeping Nenagh Hospital opened. It now time the HSE and their slavish supporters in Fine Gael and Labour got off their high horses and admitted their very dangerous mistakes. Re open Nenagh and Ennis before we have a terrible tragedy.

Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris

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