Safer motorbikes to save lives on the road -Prendergast

Labour MEP for Munster Phil Prendergast hailed today’s vote in the European Parliament to overhaul EU law regulating standards for motorcycles and quad-bikes, which introduces new safety requirements for manufacturers including mandatory ABS for bikes over 125cc.


Addressing the European Parliament plenary session, Ms. Prendergast said:


“The increased safety requirements are paramount, given the vulnerability of bikers on our roads, who account for a disproportionally high proportion of road accident fatalities.


“The compromise Parliament reached with the Council of EU Ministers paves the way for a clearer and simpler legal framework for motorbikes on our roads.”


Commenting on the outcome of the vote from Strasbourg this afternoon, Ms. Prendergast added:


“Irish motorbikes account for about 2% of licensed vehicles but represent 10% of fatalities on our roads. Thankfully, a lot has been done to reduce overall road deaths inIreland, when the number of vehicles has increased.”


“We have simplified and rationalised the legal categories of bikes and replaced 15 directives with a clearer, single regulation, with mandatory Anti-lock Breaking Systems for all bikes over 125cc, by 2017. For motorcycles between 50 and 125cc, manufacturers can choose between ABS and Combined Breaking System.


“Bikers face a much higher risk of death or serious injury in road accidents, and this regulation will help us avoid more road deaths in the future.”

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