Workers and Unemployed Action Group Leaves United Left Alliance

Workers and Unemployed Action Group (South Tipperary) at its Annual General Meeting has unanimously decided to withdraw from the United Left Alliance. WUAG will continue to campaign against government austerity, cuts in public services , against  the household charge/property tax and  for fair taxation including a wealth tax and  higher taxes on the incomes  of the super-rich

Immediately after Mick Wallace TD announced that he had withheld tax from the revenue commissioners, WUAG proposed that the ULA call for his resignation from the Dáil. This proposal was vetoed by the Socialist Party. WUAG then publicly called for his resignation in its own name. We have continued with our efforts to persuade our allies of our point of view without success. A short time ago, we again formally proposed that the ULA call for his resignation. On this occasion our proposal was vetoed by People Before Profit/Socialist Workers Party in addition to the Socialist Party. As an organisation committed to tax equity and defence of public services, we now believe that we can more effectively campaign for these objectives outside the United Left Alliance.

Participation in coalitions with conservative parties has repeatedly devastated the political arm of the labour movement over decades. The objective of WUAG has always been the formation of an alternative to the Labour Party with wide popular support on the basis of rejection in principle of coalition with such  parties. We believe that we can, now, best further this objective outside the ULA.  Accordingly we will shortly register as a national political party and seek support at national level. The foundation stone of the new party will be rejection in principle of coalition with conservative parties such as Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.


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