Nenagh Film Club presents the Oscar nominated Albert Nobbs

Filmed in Ireland in 2010 ‘Albert Nobbs’ unfolds within the opulent rooms of nineteenth century Dublin’s most luxurious hotel, a place designed for the enjoyment of the privileged class. For those who live and work there, however, private dramas are unfolding, and much is not as it seems. Albert, the shy butler, keeps to himself for a very good reason. Albert has been hiding a secret for a very long time. Albert is actually a woman.


Based on the short story ‘The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs’ by George Moore, the film benefits immeasurably from an adaptation, the fruit of a collaboration between lead actor Glenn Close and Booker Prize–winning author John Banville.Oscar – nominated Close is superb in the title role – a tragic-comedy figure, who must weave her way through the stares and accusations of small city life.


The film screens on Thursday 18th October at 8pm. Patrons should note the cert for the film is 15A. Admission is  €7 on the door.

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