I have no confidence in Reilly and he should consider his position” -Prendergast

Former nurse and Labour MEP for Munster, Phil Prendergast, today said that the revelation regarding the ownership of the proposed site for the primary care centre in Balbriggan Co Dublin renders Minister for Health James Reilly’s position untenable.


Speaking from Dublin, Ms. Prendergast said “As a nurse and midwife for 20 years, and as a Labour party public representative, I have no confidence in Reilly and I think he should consider his position.


“His actions in not releasing details of the criteria applied in the addition of extra primary care centres to the list created by the HSE, and his subsequent treatment of his junior ministerial colleague in the department, are undermining confidence in the government’s promise to reform healthcare.


“The revelation regarding the ownership of the site of one of the primary care centres that was added to a list created by the HSE by Minister Reilly smells of the old “you scratch my back” politics which brought this country to the brink of ruin.”


“I think the Minister must either disclose justifiable, objective criteria used for this addition or simply offer his resignation to the Taoiseach.”

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