Olympics clean-up is a winner for Tipperary Firm Ryans Cleaning

The thrills and spills of the Olympics and the diverse events around
it left a huge challenge for Ryans Cleaning who stepped up to the
plate to deliver their own winning performance.

They cleaned up more than 550 tonnes of waste left in Hyde Park and
Victoria Park, where more than a million visitors passed through over
the two-week spectacular.
During the course of the two weeks, Ryans employed more than 3,600
staff to meet the demands of the operation, using 63,000 refuse sacks
and 5,400 pairs of gloves in the process.

Pat Ryan, managing director of Ryans Cleaning, said: “The preparations
for this event started back in September. We had to devise a
logistical plan of how to move waste in the heart of London during
these high volume weeks.  “We also had to mobilise our people and make
sure they had transport to arrive on site on time each day to do the

“The venues were open each day from 11am to midnight, and it was our
job to ensure the parks were clean and maintained during the day and
when the visitors left it was down to our night cleaning team to
return the venues to their tip-top condition. It was a great team
The BT London Live event at Hyde Park f& Victoria Park featured giant
screens, music, games and entertainment for the Olympic crowds.

During the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, 300 of the Ryans Cleaning
team provided services at Battersea Park, Victoria Park and sections
of Hyde Park and it is estimated that the team gathered between 70 and
90 tonnes of rubbish.

With a turnover in excess of £4million, Ryans Cleaning Ltd employs
more than 70 people full-time and 150 seasonal staff serving the
requirements of fixed venues, international events, tradeshows and
exhibitions as well as commercial, office and industrial cleaning
premises in the UK and Ireland.

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