“Morris applauds the Campaign against Household charges marchers in Nenagh”

I would like to applaud the people that have turned up today to show solidarity with the 32% of people in North Tipperary who are in open revolt in against this unfair and immoral charge. I have spoken to hundreds of people who have not paid the charge and they give many reasons for paying it from not being able to afford it to fear if what’s coming down the road if they register to people who are just sick and tired at the two faced Government who are squeezing the ordinary people for more and more money to pay off speculators and banking debts while they themselves greedily fill their pension pots and take on more and more spin doctors disguised up as special advisors (2.777 million on special advisors in 2012). It is important to note that this Government genuinely haven’t a clue as to who own what properties in this state with over 1500 people getting letters from the Government looking for them to pay the charge despite already having paid it. It is a disaster from start to finish from this bungling Government resembling the previous fiasco of a Government. The 62% of people that have registered (or so we are led to believe) include thousands of people that have registered but don’t have to pay so it is not a true reflection that they have collected money from these people. Since this charge has been introduced we have been told that it is to fund local services despite North Tipperary County Council closing our only landfill to the public belying the fact that we will get any extra services despite the whole raft of extra taxes lined up for the suffering taxpayers of the state. The fact is that despite the squeezing of the lower and middle classes the gap between rich and poor has accelerated which shows that this Labour/Fine Gael Government are determined to squeeze the ordinary people for the benefit of their elite friends. I would encourage everyone to continue to resist any imposition of extra taxes while services are being taken away. Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris

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