Pieta House Founder Launches Roscrea Darkness Into Light

Joan Freeman, CEO and Founder of Pieta House, launched the Roscrea Darkness into Light 5km walk in the Scout Hall, Roscrea on Friday, 27th of April. Darkness into Light is Pieta House’s annual fundraiser and this is the first year that the event will take place in County Tipperary.


Public representatives and members of local community groups attended the launch where they heard Joan speak about the importance of the work that Pieta House do and their plans to open a centre in Roscrea in the near future to serve County Tipperary.


“If you think of a community as a vessel, a vessel that is fractured by suicide, but fractures can heal and Pieta House can be the source of that healing,” said Joan Freeman, CEO and Founder of Pieta House. “Out of tragedy comes positive action. I see families who have lost someone to suicide reaching out to other families in an attempt to prevent it happening to them and the wider community,” she said.


On Saturday, 12th of May 2012 thousands of people in 14 locations across the country will gather in darkness and walk, run or jog from the darkness into the light as dawn breaks. This event is symbolic of the work that Pieta House do – they bring people from darkness back into the light.


The aim of Darkness into Light is twofold – to raise funds and to increase awareness about suicide and self-harm intervention. In raising awareness, Pieta House place great importance on the need to de-stigmatise suicide.


“The media have given a lot of attention to suicide in the last number of months, creating awareness of the issue, which is a good thing. When people stop seeing suicide as a stigma they create the freedom for people for people to talk about it and seek help – it breaks down the barriers,” said Joan Freeman. “Since Pieta House was established we have seen a change in attitudes to suicide in Ireland. People who have lost someone to suicide decades ago, who never spoke about it now have the freedom to talk about it.”


The Roscrea Darkness into Light walk starts at the Scout Hall on Abbey Street at 4am on May 12th. Registration is available online at http://dil.pieta.ie/.

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