Ogra Fianna Fail Call for Greater Commitment to Newport Area

Chairman of Newport Ogra Fianna Fail, Greg Moroney, has called on North Tipperary County Council to reaffirm its commitment towards the Newport area following a recent meeting of Ogra Fianna Fail. Mr Moroney called on elected representatives to give a firm commitment towards the development of amenities within the town alongside working to ensure that eye-sores associated with stalled residential developments are addressed with urgency.

Following the meeting Mr Moroney commented, “There are a number of outstanding issues within the Newport area that need the immediate attention of our elected representatives. The residents of Newport are becoming increasingly weary in regards the stalling of residential developments and the associated negative visual effects that such developments are having upon the town itself. It is time that pressure is placed upon developers in order to ensure that construction sites are secured alongside ensuring that outstanding remedial works within such housing developments are completed.”

“Furthermore should dialogue fail between the council and those responsible for the presence of derelict buildings and so called ‘brown field sites’ associated with residential developments, then the council should move to implement the provisions of the Derelict Sites Act of 1990. The implementation of this act is already a key commitment that North Tipperary County Council has undertaken within the Newport Local Area Plan, yet despite this a number of premises associated with housing developments remain derelict. Such premises are not only a blight on the landscape of the town itself, but they are also a safety hazard and accordingly this matter needs the immediate attention of the council.

“It is also evident that the council needs to re-evaluate its commitment towards the development and upkeep of Newport itself. People on the ground recognise the poor condition of many roads and footpaths within the area, however very little work is seemingly being undertaken in order to remedy the matter. Ogra Fianna Fail recognises the financial difficulties being experienced by the council at present, however other towns within North Tipperary and beyond seemingly have little difficulty with being on the receiving end of basic maintenance works.”

“It is time for our elected representatives to reaffirm their commitment towards the Newport area, and follow up such commitments with decisive action.”


For more information or to join North Tipperary Ogra Fianna Fail please email northtippogra@gmail.com

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