Stella Days comes to The Source

It all started in 2003 when Martin Sheen was back in Borrisokane celebrating the 100th anniversary of his mother Mary-Anne Fieland’s birth with his entire clan. It wasn’t unusual for the star to be handed scripts or storylines but he became intrigued when a local chap handed him a memoir, chronicling the fortunes of a local parish priest and major film buff Father Daniel Barry who was instrumental in opening the first cinema in North Tipperary during the 1950s.

Fast forward to seven years later, Sheen was in Borrisokane again, this time in the role as Father Daniel Barry, a man who with one eye on Rome and the other on the latest Hollywood releases. He faces opposition from every side, from doubters, disapproving parishioners, and even his own crisis of conscience. Will he manage to resolve the conflicts between love and duty, hope and faith, Rome and Hollywood?

As you would expect from his background and his reputation, Sheen was perfect casting for this role, whether he’s locking horns with local politico Stephen Rea – the self-professed arbiter of all things moral – or encouraging forward-thinking young teacher Trystan Gravelle to follow his dreams.

A strong cast featuring plenty of locals as extras, this film has stirred huge interest both at home and abroad. Stella Days is a gem of a film set against the backdrop of a changing Ireland caught up in the growing conflict between church and state. Sterling performances all round. Take time out and enjoy the once off screening of the movie that had Tipperary talking during filming last year!

Wednesday 9th May 8pm, early booking is advised. For more details ring 0504 90204 or go to

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