People’s Association Watchdog call on Mary O’Rourke to release tapes

Dear Irish Citizen,

Just a few days ago on the Marian Finucan show former Fianna Fail TD and
fellow public servant Mary O’Rourke stated that she was in possession of
four [4] Tapes containing the events of the evening of September 28th 2008
and subsequent events.
Mrs O’Rourke went on to inform the listening audience that she has no
immediate plans to release these tapes publicly…yet.
I would like to call on Mary O’Rourke to release these tapes as a matter of
priority rather than a matter of convenience, these tapes may very well
contain evidence crucial to a case of robbery and or treason against the
people of Ireland and the state of Ireland respectively.

Mary O’Rourke has been a well respected public servant for many years prior
to her resignation and absolutely no question of wrongdoing is being
leveled at her, yet her very close relations to the then administration and
minister for finance in particular does cast a shadow over what is seen as
a very murky bank deal which through now admitted lies has led to the
current crisis of austerity that we are all facing. Mary O’Rourke is
reaping the benefits of hefty pensions and a level of luxury and comfort
that is offered at the expense of the tax payer, she should as a matter of
principal do her duty to the people that pay her massive amounts of money
still through her pensions.

I would like to know why Mary O’Rourke is in possession of these tapes and
why she has refused to make the contents public, if Mary O’Rouke is found
to be attempting to profiteer from the contents of the tapes or from
withholding the contents or is withholding the contents to conceal
wrongdoing by family or friends will she face prosecution? Can pressure be
brought to bear on Mary O’Rourke to make these tapes available as a matter
of public interest? Can she be encouraged to offer a level of clarity as to
her reasons for concealing the contents, it seems the veil of secrecy that
has hung over Fianna Fail dealings has not gone away…… Some things
never change.

Yours Sincerely
Patrick Grant
People’s Association Watchdog

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