Irish water is yet another source of income for the ECB to pay off the bondholders and banksters – Morris

The recent announcement of the creation of a new Irish Water company and
handing over of this vital resource which sustains all life to An Bord Gais
without any
due diligence is more about raising more revenue for our E C B controlled
than actually preserving water. Those that are promising a bonanza of Jobs
deceiving the public because the jobs are short term jobs installing meters
while the
local jobs that are due to be transferred from the Local Authorities will
unsustainable because there is no provision to in the New Water Authority
to fix the
badly damaged water network leading me to believe that this is all about
charges instead of water conservation.
Noel Coonan recently welcomed the setting up of Irish Water saying it will
bring jobs,
investment and security while at the same time Fine Gael councillor Phil
Bugler dared
to promise that her constituents in Ballina would have ?24 hour water
supply?. That
just about sums up Fine Gael and their promises to the people of North
Tipperary in
the year 2012 when it comes down to promising people 24 hour water supply
ignoring the fact that the 500 Million wasted in installing revenue
collecting Water
Metres (meaning more money for their elite friends and their own fat
pension funds)
could be used instead in fixing the crumbling water network first.
Labour of course are hiding on this one because it puts them in direct
collision course
with S I P T U who represent a majority of the 3000 current Local authority
services workers who have been told by Mr Coonans press statement that they
being moved over to Irish Water lock stock and barrel . Mark my words This
Government have every single asset in this Proud country up for sale and
the shifting
of our huge natural water asset to An Bord Gais is all about one thing and
that is
Privatisation which will end with those that cant afford to pay being cut
off like
Electricity supplies are being cut off to families across the country. Sinn
Fein will
oppose the Privatisation of our water to the end.

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