Book Review Trevor’s Kitchen Garden

Trevor’s Kitchen Garden

by Trevor Sargent. Review by Elizabeth O’Shea


We’re mentioning gardening and growing books a lot this year, but that’s simply because there’s such a good crop of Irish ones! The latest is Trevor’s Kitchen Garden: A Week-by-Week Guide to Growing Your Own Food, by former Minister for Food and Horticulture Trevor Sargent.


Trevor Sargent has been growing food in a small back garden for over thirty years. This makes the book perfect for anyone who wants to get started with a few food plants – Sargent understands how to work in a small space.


He starts his growing year in line with the start of the Celtic spring in the first week of February. And here the book becomes more than simply a how-to-grow manual. Each chapter, which covers a month, begins by discussing the agricultural associations of month names. The end of the chapter covers ‘the bigger picture’, putting food growing in context. For example, at the end of the March chapter, Sargent looks into the tradition of planting potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day. Each chapter also includes a contribution from another kitchen gardener, exploring their favourite tools and growing tips.


All the extras mean that Trevor’s Kitchen Garden is a book you can sit down and read as well as a manual that you can refer to. It’s an excellent guide for a kitchen gardener’s bookshelf.


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