Prendergast encourages Irish food producers to apply for EU protection

Labour MEP for Ireland South Phil Prendergast has today welcomed the news
that the application for EU protection of Waterford Blaa has been
submitted to the European Commission and is calling for other Irish food
producers to follow suit and submit applications.

The Department of Agriculture has submitted an application for Protected
Geographical Indication (PGI) status to the European Commission in respect
of Waterford Blaa under the EU Quality Product Scheme. The scheme also
provides Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) protection for products
which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area
using recognised know-how.

“If Waterford Blaa is successful in its application for PGI status it will
be granted EU protection and no other food item will be able to have the
same name”, said Ms Prendergast.

“I really want to congratulate the Waterford Blaa Bakers Association and
the Department of Agriculture for working together on making this
application. The application will now be examined by the European
Commission who will decide if the protection is to be granted.

“The PGI and PDO marks are a form of intellectual property rights for food
products and protect the geographical names of items where they have a
proven link to the area they are called after.

“More than 1,000 food products have been granted protection under the
Quality Product Scheme since it came into operation in 1992, but only four
items from Ireland have made successful applications.

“I would love to see other food producers taking advantage of these
protected designations and making applications for PGI and PDO status.”

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