Tipperary house prices, what a difference a year makes.

A Sunday times survey has shown that House prices in Tipperary have dropped dramatically in the last 12 months. South Tipp faring out bad at a drop of 20%, and North Tipp by half that at 12%.

A four bedroom home which would have cost €230,000  during the Celtic Tiger boom times of 2007 now can be purchased for around €120, 130,000.

It really depends if you’re buying or selling. It seems like now is the time to buy if you are looking for a good investment, although a speculator might have to wait a good few years before the property reaches a good selling price again.

It’s a really tough times for anyone having to sell up due to work relocation or any other uncontrollable reasons, as they are going to suffer a massive loss.

Staying where you are if you can afford the mortgage repayments seems the most sensible, and from talking to people I see more people are building extensions and converting attics rather than buying a bigger house.

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