Corrigan Brothers will release George Clooney song later this month

The Corrigan Brothers

They have performed for President Obama, and have been mentioned in his  Irish speech and now the Corrigan Brothers who have charted in twenty countries and achieved over seven million hits on you tube with “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” are releasing a new single with a Kilkenny theme. “Welcome Home George Clooney” a new single by the Limerick based brothers will be released later this month. It tells the story of Mr Clooney’s proud Irish links to Tullahought.  Lead singer Ger Corrigan said “we love a great ancestry story and this is a great one, we were delighted to hear that George’s Irish links had been established  and are very thankful to Gabriel Murray and Doctor Michael Conway for their discovery. We worked with Gabriel on his award winning film Obama’s Irish Roots”.

The band, plan to make a video for the song  in the Kilkenny area in the coming weeks, and will rely on their Kilkenny based banjo and mandolin player Willie Dunne to find the most appropriate filming locations. Ger Corrigan continued “ Kilkenny is a beautiful county and we are sure George will be thrilled to see the homestead of his ancestor Nicolas, he may never want to go home”.

The Corrigan Brothers are currently recording their second album and will tour the USA later this year. They will also be engaged in some events for the Obama Presidential campaign during the summer.

Ger Corrigan  continued ,“The whole Obama publicity has started in earnest again as 2012 dawns, this week the Chicago Tribune and Washington Post have featured articles about the song and we are currently in negotiations with an American Publisher who wants to write the story of the song. Last year the Department of Government in  Harvard University published a paper entitled “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” which used the song as a theme for multi ethnicity in American politics, but our personal highlight has been the mention of the band and the song in his Irish Speech. There are not too many bands and songs mentioned in Keynote American Presidential Speeches”

“Welcome home George Clooney “ is scheduled for Airplay across the USA from the end of January.

Here is a sampler of the lyrics

Welcome Home George Clooney (Corrigan Brothers and Willie Dunne 2012)


Oh the girls are feeling swooney

As they welcome home George Clooney

Back to Ireland and Kilkenny

On his great big Motorbike

He thought he was from Kentucky

But good ould George Got lucky

It transpires That he’s a

Proud Kilkenny man

Gabriel Murray  he unlocked

Georges roots in Tullahought

Clooney’s coming back

To his Kilkenny Clan

he knows Angelina Jolie

but his hero is Brian Cody

he plans to meet him

for a few  ould jars

he’ll go up to Nowlan Park

as the twilight turns to dark

to watch Henry Crashin balls

over the bar


Oh the girls are feeling swooney

As they welcome home George Clooney

Back to Ireland and Kilkenny

On his great big Motorbike

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