Corrigan Brothers Euro 2012 Single

The Corrigan Brothers have recorded a new song for the Euro 2012 called ‘Stand up together for the Boys in Green’.  Their song can be viewed on their website

Stand up together for the Boys in Green

Do you remember euro 88

And the Italia 90  crew

The Usa in 94

And 2002

Well trap has has brought us all the way

To Poland and Ukraine

Bring on Craoatia ,Italy

And the world cup champions SPAIN


We’ll forget about the Troika

Merkle and Sarkozy

And we’ll make our mark in Europe

THEYR’LL be no Austerity

We’ll have lots of fun With Richard Dunne

And trap will play it cute

And Keane from la galaxy

Will win the golden boot

There’s a converted ice cream van

That’s leavin from Strabane

He’s staying with his polish friend

On the main street in Posnan

And slatterys bus is comin back

They think it’s worth a chance

A non stop service all the way from Achill

To Gdansk


The best of luck to Busquets

and to cesc fabregas

we won’t fear Balotelli

Dunne won’t let him pass

Europes finest footballers

will all want to be seen

but we’ll stand up together

for trap and boys in green

there’s a lad on a Honda 50

and he’s goin all the way

he’s startin on the journey

on the twenty ninth of may

he’ll cover a hundred miles each day

and at night by the light of the moon

and be there in time for kick off

on Sunday the 10th of June


shay given and mcgeady

o’shea and simon cox

Robbie Keane and Kevin Doyle

Doin their magic in the box

The duffer sprayin crosses

The like you’ve never seen

We’ll all stand up together

For Trap and the boys in green

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