Call on Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan not to cut Child Benefit

by Séamie Morris

Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan should explain why they broke their promise to the people of North Tipperary.

On Tuesday and Wednesday last 29thand 30th November 2011 in the Dail, Sinn Féin TDs moved a motion calling on the Government not to cut child benefit and other social welfare payments in next weeks budget.

In what was a complete u turn on their pre election commitments to the people of this constituency both North Tipperary TDs voted against the Sinn Féin motion?

I call on both deputies to explain their u turns.

“Media reports have suggested that a cut of €10 is on the cards. To some people on high wages €10 per month might sound like nothing. But to a low or middle income family with three children that’s an annual cut of €360. Consider that against the minimum cost of sending one 12 year old to school which is €815”

“Not only is it wrong to cut child benefit but it is totally unnecessary. There are alternatives. There is a fairer way. The Sinn Féin pre budget submission clearly spells out these alternatives.”

Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan betrayed the people of this constituency when they chose not to support the Sinn Féin motion. I would like to ask them what has changed since the election? Why were they so opposed to cutting child benefit then but not now? It is even more surprising when Alan Kelly actually left his new born baby to go and vote to cut the child benefit of the children of Ireland, Shame on Him,”

“It’s not too late. The budget on Monday and Tuesday next will be the true test of these pre election commitments. Sinn Féin will be holding a 1 hour protest outside the Labour and Fine Gael offices In Pearse Street Nenagh on Saturday Next between 12 and 1 and I would encourage a large turn out to put pressure on Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan to honour their pre election commitments.”

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