The Source Film Club, Thurles

Don’t miss out on this stunning film. Directed by Wim Wenders, whose previous films include ‘Paris, Texas’, ‘Wings of Desire’ and ‘ Buena Vista Social Club’, this is the story of one the most extraodinary figures in contemporary culture.

‘Pina’ has been described by critics as “breathtaking” and “one of his most vital and heartfelt films” and features a group of dancers who worked with the great German choreographer Pina Bausch. Tragically she died just as filming got under way. For the viewer, the enjoyment of watching the dancers is hugely increased by the camerawork which gets right in among the dancers and allows us a vantage point we could never have if we were watching a dance troupe on stage. The dancing moves well beyond the stage too and happens in all kinds of unlikely places, including along the edge of a motorway, by a river and at the edge of a quarry. For a rare and beautiful experience, don’t miss ‘Pina’ when it is shown at The Source on October 26th, at 8pm. For more information please ring the Box Office at 0504 90204 or check The Source Film Club page on Facebook. The Director of The Source worked with Pina Bausch once, and begs you not to miss this chance to see her work. Pina and her dancers cannot come to Tipperary, but Tipperary can come to them at The Source! They’ll take your breath away.

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