The Source, Thurles Using Crowdfunding Website For Christmas Panto

Can you help The Source make this year’s community panto happen? The arts centre is looking to raise €4000 through a website called :fund:it – money which will help Cinderella get to the ball and find her beloved!

:fund:it is an Ireland-wide initiative that provides a platform for people with great ideas to attract funding from friends, fans and followers. All donations will go towards set design, costumes and all the nitty gritty behind the scenes hard work that will bring this fantastic performance to the stage.

This great initiative only needs 400 local people to give €10 each and the fundraising target is reached! However there is a catch with :fund:it – if The Source fails to reach the €4,000 target in the time allowed, the donated money is returned and The Source receives NOTHING…. You can start giving from Friday 23rd September, and The Source has a 49 day window to reach the target!

So The Source is asking YOU to help out!

Click on to see all the benefits of getting on board and helping out what promises to be a fabulous community panto!. Donations can also be made directly to The Source if you prefer not to set yourself up as a member of the :fund:it community. And if you are not in a position to donate please spread the word! It is the power of ‘crowd funding’, a bright new way to support local creativity!

Go on – you’re only one small step away from making a huge difference towards supporting this year’s community panto and ensuring Cinderella gets to the Ball!

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