North Tipperary Ógra Fianna Fáil News

A proposal to help revitalise Fianna Fáil Cumann in North Tipperary was one of the main topics discussed at the monthly meeting of North Tipperary Ógra Fianna Fáil held in Thurles last Friday night. Members agreed to address Cumann meetings on issues relating to young people and help in the recruitment of new members. Chairing the meeting, Silvianne Strapp said that she was delighted to hear reports back from the recent recruitment campaigns currently being held in the third level institutions throughout the country of the large numbers of young people who have joined Fianna Fáil for the first time. She said that we should ensure that those from Tipperary are given every opportunity to become active locally as well.

Members agreed to arrange for a mini bus to travel to the Dublin West by-election to help canvass for Fianna Fáil candidate David McGuinness (26). Cllr McGuinness is an old friend of North Tipperary Ógra and members were anxious to help out. Arthur Griffin stated that it was important for members to travel to show that while we may not have been satisfied with some of the behaviour of Fianna Fáil in recent times, that we haven’t lost faith in the ultimate goals of the party and that we must show that we are proud to provide an alternative Government for the people of Ireland.

Greg Moroney, Chair of Newport Ógra said he was glad that Fianna Fáil had not engaged in the negative opposition that Fine Gael and Labour had engaged in during their time on the other side of the house and he was pleased that Micheál Martin was continuing to provide a real alternative to Enda Kenny.

The National Youth Conference will take place next November in Cork. The National Youth Committee has passed measures to radically overhaul the structures of Ogra Fianna Fail. It follows a period of an extensive consultation with Ogra members nationwide as part of the renewal within Fianna Fáil. Youth Organiser Tim Maher observed that elections will take place for a new National Youth Committee and that North Tipperary had a responsibility to provide strong candidates to contest positions. A discussion followed and it was decided that Gerard Fogarty and Arthur Griffin should contest the elections. Both had shown a great commitment to politics and have worked hard to build up the organisation locally. Colm Redden agreed to act as Director of Elections for the two candidates.

Cllr. Seamus Hanafin, addressing the meeting announced that he will be supporting and canvassing for businessman Sean Gallagher in the upcoming Presidential election. Cllr. Hanafin spoke of the enlightening speech Mr. Gallagher made to councillors when recently seeking a nomination and described how it was the most substantive and positive of all the candidates’ contributions. Members were also addressed on the night by the Secretary of North Tipperary Fianna Fáil Joe Connell and Constituency Organiser Richie Dunne, both of whom said that they were delighted to see the youth side of the organisation continuing to fly the flag for the party and they too reaffirmed their commitment to the goals of the Fianna Fáil Party.

The meeting decided to hold its Annual General Meeting on Saturday October 8th next at 9pm in the Arch Bar, Thurles. It is hoped a member of the Parliamentary Party will address this important meeting. With the rapid momentum in membership over the last few months, new members from across Tipperary are invited to attend. For more information or to join Ogra please email or join us on

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